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Okay, on the one had Brooke “Otter” Spangler does a pretty damn cool webcomic, and on the other she has repeatedly threatened me with hideous fates worse than death. What’s needed here is a tie-breaker to kick her into either the cool people I should buy a beer or the mortal enemies who must be destroyed list.

And voilà: she’s sharing some of her well-learned lessons in an essay entitled The Eight Things I’ve Found Helpful in Creating a Webcomic. There’s some damn good thinking going on here that webcomickers of all stripes (but particularly the newbie variety) ought to read and digest carefully.

For brevity’s sake, I’m going to copy the Eight Things here, but go read the supporting thoughts in full.

  1. Traffic doesn’t really matter
  2. Your audience will create an image of you, so control it
  3. Don’t whine, ever (or as close to ever as humanly possible)
  4. You’re broke; get over it
  5. Nine-tenths of everything you try will fail, so plan, plan, plan
  6. You can’t please everybody
  7. Good manners are essential
  8. Don’t expect people to do things for you

To quote Miyamoto Musashi, You must practice this well.

I was going to add something like Pay special attention to these particular items, but they’re all pretty damn good; maybe not live in a cave like a hermit for years before writing it good, more like … no, wait. Scrabbling together a webcomic is kinda like living in a cave like a hermit. Now all Otter has to do is win 60 duels and she can be the reigning warrior/philosopher of webcomics for all time.

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