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Something Really Different

Had it not been for the quick email she sent, I might never have seen Eliza Frye’s webcomic The Lady’s Murder (that link takes you to the first page. Start there.). She bills it as a mystery comic, where she does both the writing and the artwork, and she’s posting a new page every weekday. Seriously. It’s a short story with daily updates “unraveling the untimely death and infamous character of Miss Marie Madeleine.”

I’m a sucker for interesting color work, and this piece certainly has that. I think it’s watercolor work, but I’m not certain, and I like that it isn’t easy to tell. But look, really, at that color work: from the blood spatter on that butcher’s apron to the fetching purple in the background of some of the pages (and while we’re here, can I just mention I very much enjoy the unusual page composition?), and the rich reds in others, it’s some compelling artwork the likes of which I don’t seem to see often online. Look at the detail. Look at how it evokes some of what you’d see in the Sandman series.

What’s particularly excellent is that it’s a very, very new series (I think we’re only about 12 pages in?) and so it’ll be an interesting experience for me to read along as the series moves forward. I’m not sure for how long she’ll be posting (or for how long the one-per-weekday posting will keep happening, given how detail-rich the work is), but I have some early guesses as to the culprit…

Thanks for posting this. What a great comic. The art is amazing.

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