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Of Contracts And Books

Not really webcomics per se, but sorta: I was just going to quietly revel in the awfulness of the now-infamous new Tokyopop contracts, but I don’t need to because Bryan Lee O’Malley’s already done so. More on the general topic of giving away your IP from the Halfpixellians in Webcomics Weekly #34.

And if you are going to work for essentially free, wouldn’t you rather it be for a good cause? Michael Rouse-Deane is looking for artists (who aren’t already working with him) to contribute to the Guest Strip Project‘s big charity push:

Basically, I’m after 31 artists that ain’t on my list so far to do stand-alone strips for August as the GSP is having a huge month donation drive trying to gain money.

So I’m asking the artists to do strips during July for me that are stand-alone and don’t relate to any of the storylines we’ve had, and that the whole month is gonna be filled with artists and people visiting the site every day and hopefully donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


  • Andrew Bell‘s Do Not Eat! is now available to those that haven’t fortunate (?) enough to be in near proximity to Andrew Bell. Please, share the tender back meat.
  • I’m not sure how Paul Taylor manages to draw in a style that comes across as so light-hearted and fun, yet also satisfies every cheesecake fan that wants to be serviced. Whoof — that sounded sketchier than I intended, which I guess is okay, because Taylor’s just released a sketchbook of Wapsi Square mystery girl Monica. Non-repro blue never looked so good.
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