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They Are, In Fact, Super

Were I the sort that believes in things like karmic debt, I’d start to suspect that James Kochalka feels really guilty over something he did in a past life, ’cause he’s sure doing awesome things for us to make up for whatever it might have been. As you all no doubt recall, Kochalka opened up the archives of American Elf not two months ago, and now he’s given us another gift.

In celebration of his birthday (yesterday), Kochalka added SuperF*ckers to the AE site; the latest one is always free and the archives are available to Elf subscribers (elfscribers?). In his own words:

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the end of June, there will be a new page of SuperF*ckers comics. Four issues of the series have been published by Top Shelf, and it is among my most popular work. It’s not a superhero parody, not quite a satire, not completely ironic. It’s a story of a bunch of superpowered teenagers living in a clubhouse together. It all takes place down the bank behind my house, in a field.

(In my mind, I actually consider this new comic to be sort of a spin off of SuperF*ckers, with that series’ most prominent character getting his own book. Consider this Jack Krak #1.)

There was also a cryptic comment about wanting to make “another exciting announcement like this soon”, but honestly — he’s given me enough for now. Any more excitement, I might burst.

Man, I love me some superf*ckers. Gotta search out my password for the archives now.

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