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Crap, Holiday Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Post

Okay! Check these, then get back to your grilling.

  • Much Bellen! news from Box Brown: he’s having a contest to celebrate the 2 year anniversary and 400th strip, which just happen to fall on the same day. Of additional interest would be Bellen! guest week (running now) and Bellen! #4 is now in print.
  • Lucas Turnbloom of Imagine This writes to tell us the creation of a new collective, Tall Tale Features. Tale-tellers include Brian Anderson, Dave Reddick, Mike Witmer, Scott Metzger, Brock Heasley, and (of course) Turnbloom himself.
  • Finally, big announcement from Jessi Bavolack of Geeks Next Door:

    I’m writing to you to let you know I’m getting married! We’ve been doing a wedding storyline in the comic (which will pause May 26th for the real-life ceremony and such; resumes on the week of June 9th).

    Fleen wishes Ms Bavolack (soon to be Pascal) and the lucky groom all the best. Their families, friends, miscellaneous guests at the reception, cater-waiters, heck — everybody in the immediate area also gets good wishes. Have a happy Memorial Day, everybody.

Thank you guys for writing the announcement on here! We’re definitely grateful of all of the well-wishes. Matt and I are very excited, and are looking forward to the ceremony later this week. (We’re hoping for no rain, so that we can be outside!)

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