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Making This Quick, Gotta Get Ahead Of Holiday Traffic Completely Boned On An Early Start, Dammit

First and foremost, why did my wedding invitation not look like this? Dibs on the Helpolax!

  • Transplant Comics has added Stendec by Cory Osterberg; it’s a weekly black and white gag strip. Also over at Transplant, Adam York Gregory of The Flowfield Unity has just released his second print collection. What makes this one special is … let’s allow Gregory to tell us himself:

    I worked as a typesetter and designer for a publishing house for a while, and I know how to set books, but using a couple of the POD services I found that whilst 90% of the time the end product was fine, there would be a few occasions where the printers would mess up — lost pages, bad cropping, someone else’s book appearing in the middle of mine — and since the books are sent directly without me, or apparently anyone else checking them, the first I would hear is when I received an email from a disappointed customer.

    That’s just not on. At least by hand making the book [emphasis Fleen’s] I get to approve every copy. I use a traditional method, stitching the pages into sections (or signatures) and combining them before I add the cover.

    There was a time with these sort of comics when you knew that the person drawing them had very likely stapled your copy together … there is a contact link right there … and I wanted to go one further, I wanted to make each book an individual.

    It just seems to fit the ethos of my comic, the whole hand-drawn ideal translated reasonably well on the web, but in the process I lost something when turning it back into a book. Now, I’ve corrected that.

    Editorial note here — looking at the price of the hand-made book, it is somehow comparable to POD pricing. Well done, Adam York Gregory!

  • Recent round numbers: Real Life has 2000 strips under its belt, and Arthur, King of Time and Space has reached four years. Congrats!
  • And finally, Cat Garza wants you to know that his latest project (editing the Secrets & Lies anthology) will release at MoCCA in two weeks, in the vicinity of table C27. Old school comics guys, webcomickers, students from the CCS. Drop by and give it a good look-see!

I met Philippe Van Lieu, creator of Moose River, at a convention a year ago and he also hand made the collections he was selling. I was really impressed by the quality, and the price was reasonable. Not to mention it’s a great selling point to mention, “I hand made these.”

hey, thanks for the plug!

“First and foremost, why did my wedding invitation not look like this?”

Haha! That would be fitting, right?

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