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Many Happy Returns

Exciting things are afoot, I tells ya. I can’t even decide on what the top story should be, but here’s some candidates:

  • Wigu is back! Three strips worth! Paisley is gothier, Quincy is Quincier, and Romy’s probably still sleepin’ off a bender since it’s only about quarter of eight in the morning.
  • Astronaut Elementary is back! Plus Dave Roman has expanded a previous 2-page character intro into a 15-page epic complete with graytone in order to –and I’m quoting here — add to the overall space-iness.
  • So that’s why I don’t have my copies of the first Gunnerkrigg Court and latest Devil’s Panties collections. Hopefully ASP will have their act together soon, but if these are books you want to see, I recommend putting in an order with your local comic shop — nothing prods a comics publisher quite so much as Diamond saying, “Uh, we really need those books now, please.” Okay, that’s a lie — historically, not much prods the average comics publisher, but judging from Jennie Breeden & Tom Siddell’s blog postings, they’re wondering where the books are too, so it’s not a case of artist couldn’t make deadline.
  • From alert reader Brett g Porter (the “g” stands for “groomsman at my wedding”): a contest for cartoonists on the topic of keeping scientific enquiry free of political interference. I can think of a crowd of webcomickers that could do a sick job on this topic. Better yet, there’s a top prize of $500 plus a trip to Washington DC. EVEN BETTER: one of the judges is Wiley Miller, who doesn’t think very highly of webcomics and could be made to eat his words. Go to it, creators!

Two years ago, there were a couple of webcartoonists who were finalists in the Scientific Integrity Science Idol contest thing: Reva Sharp who does the comic Synchronism and me.

Neither of us won, however. I blame Wiley Miller.

Actually, once the final 12 are picked, it’s open to vote by the public.

I blame David A.

@Bryant – I’m curious how the “Priceless Promotion by the Union of Concerned Scientists” worked out for you.

Well, the year I was a finalist was the first year of the contest; I don’t think they had their priceless promotion in play just yet.

That said, I did get traffic, email and press from sources I couldn’t otherwise have expected.

Mostly I did it because I’m a bleeding-heart liberal with a thing for science.

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