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Early Morning Deja Vu

I’m having a wicked sense of deja vu: I can’t recall if I’ve written about Jessica McLeod’s work yet or if it just seems so familiar to me that it’s as if I must have written about it at some point! Am I sleepy? Has work taken over my brain? Did that rollerderby knock to the head scramble my brain? I ran across Ghost Farm recently and was just totally taken in by the clean linework and the colors, the cute little monsters and fangs. I read through them fairly quickly, but they’re something to which I’ll return; Ghost Farm in particulary struck me as something well worth reading.

She’s actually got a stack of comics, though Mungo Bean (“the adventures of an adventure pig!) looks as if it is the most recent of the seven or eight that are there. Activities for Rainy Days has also been recently updated, and is the one which looks more classically like what we think of as webcomics, perhaps, with word balloons and dialogue and such. There’s also a few 24-hour comics available for reading. I imagine these are all likely exquisite in minicomic form, which is not to say they aren’t so online–it’s more to say that they’re kind of adorable and precious, and I can imagine them appearing in print in a way which could potentially totally amplify that. It sort of makes me think about Hope Larson’s lovely Salamander Dream, which I’ve mentioned before.

Her bio, at least on the Webcomics Nation site, is simple and straightforward: “I like drawing ghosts and robots and dinosaurs and cupcakes and little girls. I am part of an artists’ collective, Monster and Robot Industries. You can go there to buy my minis! We also have a LiveJournal community.”

They’re quick, cute reads, perfect for cheering up a dreary day. I’m totally smitten.

And make sure:

To check out “Love Puppets,” the comic she and her main squeeze, Edward J. Grug III, are doing over at Top Shelf 2.0! I can’t use enough exclamation points when talking about their stuff!


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