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Things To Tide You Over The Weekend

Me, I’m getting an early start on it.

  • As an official mover/shaker in the world of webcomics, I hereby declare Shelly Winters to be the muse of New Jersey. She’s a ginger goddess of wisdom, and all of us who aren’t dead inside love her. If you need a place to stay, Shelley, we have a guest room.
  • Why did I not see this until just now? Dirk Schwieger’s brilliant little journal webcomic reprinted in a replica Moleskine (the city notebooks are awesome)? OH CRAP YES.
  • Missed it: Several webcomics I read have such a dense and important plot that I leave them to build up 10 – 20 updates and read them in chunks; Shi Long Pang is one, and Rice Boy another. With the climax quickly building, I was on a break and so missed that it wrapped up on Wednesday. I doubt I’ll have time to sit down and re-read all 439 pages from beginning to end in one session, but that’s really what it deserves. Give it a good read-through and if you aren’t sniffling a little at the end, we can’t be friends. Special thanks to alert reader “Hmpf” for letting me know.
  • Finally, if Matt Boyd keeps cranking out articles like this one, I’ll have to reconsider my current No, I’m not going to visit a pop-culture trivia quiz site, ever stance. Dammit, Matt — I like that stance.

Hey Kids. Important fun fact!

Gary does indeed have a guestroom. And it’s a nice one.

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