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My Spine Conspires Against Me Today

But will the searing pain of a thousand suns deter me from my duties to you? No! But this will be brief.

  • Happy Birthday to Octopus Pie. In the future, Meredith Gran’s earlier webcomics will be dissected by scholars trying to find a unique angle for a dissertation, but The OP will be what everybody has a copy of on their shelf. That’s a heck of a long way to come in just one year.
  • Hey, lookit that, another MoCCA show coming up. Who’s gonna be there? Besides all the cool people, I mean?
  • My fame spreads ever outwards, like unto the ripples in a pond. Today, Ugly Hill (first news story, no permalink); soon all will bow before me. Bwahahaha.

And to think that when your friends all gave you crap for your mustache back in college, none of us knew where it would all lead!

I’ll be there man, tabling with Josh Bayer.

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