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Ridiculously Cute

After the last few weeks I was ready for a little cute. (Here’s something that’s not cute: the phone company taking–no joke–a week and a half to fix my phone line.) I found it in Hey Pais, which is the…well, okay, it’s the first webcomic I’ve ever read that’s pitched like the cat is the creator. The conceit is kind of cute, and The Girl mentioned in the comic is Sara Bauer, maker of wicked cute minicomics and some “sporadically updated” online work as well.

Part of why there’s a whole lot of new work is because of the Thirty Days Project, which sounds like an awesome idea. Held in April 2008, it basically states “You create something before the end of the day every day for thirty days.” From there, what you create’s up to you. Kind of an interesting list of participants.

The comic is full of cute images as well as goofy cat-name puns, origin stories, tattoos, and funny jokes on band names (look for the t-shirt). It won’t take you long to read through the archives, but it won’t be time wasted.

Hey Pais is awesome! I love reading them in mini-comic form.

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