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Back Into The Swing Of Things

Items of note:

  • Man, I love Mike Russell’s pict-o-reportage; it’s time to visit a vampire movie set (including a behind-the-scenes expose of visual effects) over at Culture Pulp.
  • New guest week idea for webcomickers: get 4-chan users to hate your strips and “fix” them. I suppose credit should be given to the 4-chan guys for not claiming to have created these “fixed” strips.
  • Changes afoot at Transplant Comics, which has been undergoing a shift of front men; it’s like when Genesis promoted Phil Collins to the be new lead singer because Peter Gabriel left. In this case, Joseph Hewitt is Phil (although undoubtedly with much better hair), and while he’s not singing, he is taking the lead on things like hosting and back end issues. A needed upgrade of WordPress and forum software led to a slight case of webisiteus disappearus leading Hewitt to describe the situation in his own words as, “My first day on the job, and I burn down the clubhouse.”

    But it’s all better now, which is why there’s a brandy-new front page and forum and everything for Transplant, and it all looks pretty nice. Kudos to Hewitt for backing up the databases, and for obeying the first rule of engineers everywhere: If it ain’t broke, break it and see what you can do with the pieces.

Good brandy is never new.

Really, two years later and you are still linking to it? Weak sauce, my friend.

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