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What I Did On My Vacation

Hey kiddies, just back from my time away (piece of advice: anniversary trips rule), and I see that you’ve been up to lots in my absence. I don’t mind, on account of all the time I had playing dress-up for fancy dinners in my robot socks, drinking beers with one-time NPR personalities, and having a Holy crap, aren’t you Andrew Farago and Shaenon Garrity? moment on the subway (on Free Comic Book Day no less). Also: wine and cheese.

And it’s not just me celebrating marriage (15 years, thank you) — matrimony appears to be in the air in webcomicdom, what with Beef narrowly averting a wedding- (and life-) destroying mistake, and some nuptials over at PvP. Scott Kurtz has been showcasing some terrific art, and it now appears that the whole wedding storyline is a case of I told you that story so I could tell you this one. Major shakeup coming it seems, mixed in with a very amusing Winnie Ther Pooh reference. Pretty damn good work, Kurtz — let’s see what you’ve got for the next ten years.

And in completely unrelated news: shirt ninjas.

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