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Best Of Fleen: Because Stirring Up Shitstorms Is Fun

Editor’s note: Set the Wayback Machine for March of 2006, as we have a bit of fun with Cryptostraubian apophenia.

More of the discussion on syndication coming soon, folks.

But first, with a apologies to whichever lit-crit school it is that declares authorial intent irrelevant (I never learned those things; I went to nerd school), I draw your attention to today’s Starslip Crisis. Clearly, Kristofer Straub is taking the opportunity to kick T Campbell while he’s hurting and should be enjoying himself.

Proof: The character’s a southern “colonel”, and T went to college in Virginia, which is in the South. The character is a discusser of indie arts, that’s webcomics and indy comics. He’s named Samuel Q Breckenridge, which can be anagrammed to A BRICK DE MENSE REQ GUL: a brick de [French for “of”] Mense [typo of MENSA, T is a member] req[ires] gul[libility]. Clearly, an attack on T. For the sake of all that’s holy, look at the man’s tie — all he’s missing is an ascot that spells out “Campbell”!

It all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Really, the reasoning in this piece (such as it is) relies on a combination of the text and historical context, not authorial intent.

Being a man generally respectful towards New Criticism, just thought that I’d clarify the point as I see it.

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