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Fleen Book Corner: The Adventures Of Dr McNinja, Volume 2 — Surgical Strike

Editor’s note: Hey, popping up for a minute here to say dammit, looks like pre-written scheduled entries strip out the links and alt-text from the pix. You can get TAODMV2SS from the Raptor Bandit Industries store at Topatoco, and HTMW from any of the four creators. DNE is not available yet, but you can eventually get it from The Creatures In My Head. Links to be fixed in all posts when the time presents itself, and Fleen apologizes for the inconvenience.

All that you need to know about The Adventures of Dr McNinja, Volume 2 — Surgical Strike by Chris Hastings and Kent Archer (cover by the unreasonably talented Carly Monardo, with a bonus story by Benito Cereno) is that it features all of the following:

  • A child menaced by otherworldly monsters
  • Not one, not two, but three ninjas on fire
  • A gorilla and a raptor fighting over hot dogs
  • The most awesome ninja in the world gaining authority by means of his moustache
  • Death, maître d’ of the afterlife
  • Hos that die, because that is one of a handful of things that hos do (bonus story only)
  • A clearly expressed desire by the hero to grab the villain by his ponytail then twirl him around a few times and let go so he flies off and lands on a pile of something sharp or something that explodes or even just off a cliff (all but one of these happens)

Plus more face kicks, explosions, and beatdowns than you can count. This book is made of pure awesome. The only way it could be made better is if the paper stock were slightly thicker, as the comic does feature some pretty substantial black fills, and there was a little bit of bleed-through.

This does not matter in the long run. If there were any more kicking and things blowing up in this book, it would have to be written by Warren Ellis.

And where might suckaz be able to acquire this fine tome?

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