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Fleen Book Corner: Do Not Eat!

I guess this is a pre-release review since I don’t see it in his store, but Andy Bell has a new book out called Do Not Eat!, and that’s some damn good advice.

The book contains quality reproductions of various Creatures, some prints, six postcards, and photos of some toy projects and art shows (including my favorite of all of Bell’s work) from the last two years or so; those that suffered corrective orthodontics in their youth may want to skip the photos of Darth Headgear.

But ultimately, these are all old works … collected in convenient form, yes, but where is the new, the novel? As it turns out, right up front in the foreword, which features a recipe for Berry Gravy Bell:

Place [an] apple in Andy [Bell]’s mouth to silence any screams. Fine dice the [1/2 pound prime Andrew Bell — leg meat or upper back] then place in a mixing bowl with the other ingredients and mash together into a thin, bloody paste.

Sounds scrummy! At New York Comic Con, some compatriots and I took the opportunity on Sunday morning (when Bell was moving a little slowly) to quietly examine the available cuts and made plans to try out Berry Gravy Bell at our first chance. Andy tried to dissuade us, claiming that he was stringy and tasteless, but he’s just being modest. Grab a copy of DNE and begin your explorations of Andy Bell today. Bon appétit!

I used to work with Andy at Marvel Interactive. He is good people. I love the work he is doing right now.

[…] Bell’s Do Not Eat! is now available to those that haven’t fortunate (?) enough to be in near proximity to Andrew […]

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