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Dammit People, Stop Doing So Many Significant Things Today

From the top:

  • Round numbers: Diesel Sweeties #2000and five years of Wondermark.
  • Speaking of those guys: Rich Stevens (and a mess of other cool people, including webcomickers) is at ROFLCon, at the once-prestigious Harvard University. David Malki ! (and a mess of other cool people, incuding webcomickers) is at the Stumptown Comics Festival, in the once-ignored Portland, Oregon. Both events kick off today and continue tomorrow.
  • Again with the Malki !: He’s on the podcast of The Ethicist, via the once-respected New York Times.
  • More broadcasting: Webcomickers will be invading the once-sedate world of public radio, as members of the North Carolina Web Comics Coffee Clatch descend on the studios of WUNC for an appearance on The State of Things. Tune in or listen to the stream on May 8th at about 12:40pm eastern time, and be sure to call 1.877.962.9862 with your questions. The show will be rebroadcast later that night, then released as a podcast on the site; members of the NCWCCCCCCCCC are also negotiating to have excerpts animated on their website.
  • In the hot seat: By the time you read this, Rick Marshall will have his latest webcomic interview up at ComicMix. Paul Southworth of Ugly Hill answers your questions, and I have to note that Ol’ Rick still needs a name for this series; may I suggest Webcomics With Willenholly?
  • Life imitates Dinosaur Comics: Ryan North should totally get a commission from that logo design shop.
  • And last but certainly not least: Chris Yates of Reprographics has his first book up for pre-order. Titled SET IT TO AWESOME, it features a foreword by Colleen AF Venable and an afterword by David Malki !, which brings us full circle. Looks like I can tell what my first purchase at MoCCA‘s gonna be.

Weekend now. Enjoy it.

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