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The Law Of Conservation Of Webcomics Moustaches

Moustaches are never truly created or destroyed, they merely shift from one strip to another.

Yeah, not much of a post, but I’m busy working up questions so I don’t suck moderating Webcomics: Threat or Menace? at New York Comic Con tomorrow at noon. Come see Rich Stevens, Robert Khoo, and as-yet-unnamed reps of DC and Tokyopop on stage. Rumor has it that Brad Guigar will be sitting in the audience with some busted beer bottled and a length of chain, settling into the “menace” side of things.

Speaking of the panel, I’m gonna be too busy running it to cover it properly, so if anybody wants to do up a narrative with good quotes, see me.

And in completely better news: The lost Winterview comes to light!

Dang it. I wanna go.
Of all times I had to be stuck on the west coast…

OK, that was adorable.
And I have to say… pretty much exactly how I would’ve pictured Neil’s house, if I were to have pictured it.

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