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New podcast debuts tonight!

As part of the revitialization of Boxcar Comics and the group’s continuing effort to promote themselves publicly in a cross-functional manner, we have created a brand new podcast at TalkShoe called the Boxcar Comics Hobo Jamboree!

What is our podcast about? Good question — one that we will be answering tonight during our first broadcast recording TONIGHT at 8:00 PM CST! The goal moving forward is to talk about the world of webcomics from the creator’s perspective. We’ll cover everything about the creative process — including how we come up with ideas for jokes and storylines, artistic technique, promotion, planning, audience reaction and criticism.

If you are a fan of HalfPixel‘s Webcomics Weekly, you’ll find a lot to enjoy here, but Boxcar Comics Hobo Jamboree won’t be weekly right out of the gate. We plan on hosting our show once a month. If there is greater demand or we have more topics we want to discuss, we might bump that up to two a month.

Tom Brazelton will be the moderator for each show and various members of the collective will rotate in and out as their schedules permit. If you can’t join us live, remember that you can download the show from TalkShoe. We’ll be adding it to iTunes in the near future.

Kris Straub conquers the world!

In a week or two, my contract at my day job is drawing to a close, and I’m going to be looking for part-time or other contract work so I can pay rent. But … I think Starslip Crisis is already enough to bring in a full-time wage — at least if it’s cultivated. Right now we really don’t spend much time together, and eight hours of my day are occupied elsewhere, so I’m either at work, or we’re shipping, and not growing Starslip into the bastion of sci-fi humor it should be.

I’m looking forward to having a couple weeks to regroup and refocus, and I’ve been planning out the year.

If I can come back to webcomics full-time — if you help me come back to webcomics full-time (!) — then I will not do Starslip Crisis, or Chainsawsuit, or a twice-weekly pop culture strip, or a thrice-weekly brand-new strip.

No, friends — I will do all of the above. I have concrete plans for four concurrent strips. I just need the time to give to them.

Not content to conquer the Gervaisian webcomic mindspace, Owen Dunne’s running a banner ad promising the return of You Damn Kid … sort of.

And for those of you that need to point friends or family to a compact What are these webcomics, anyway? primer, Lea Hernandez has you covered.

4 concurrent strips? Why not 5? I mean, it must be easy to crank these out when you don’t actually draw strips, but just copy and paste over and over again.

Bilbonicus, you clearly haven’t written for comics, let alone tried to draw one.

You try writing sweeping arcs with a small library of images.

Kris Straub, and many others, keep large libraries of poses and backgrounds to save time, but they draw new work as needed, increasing their libraries.

Try reading Starslip Crisis. It just recently came off a major action arc. Look at “chainsawsuit.” I wouldn’t be surprised if everything you see is drawn new.

Webcomics have come a long way since you were riding dinosaurs to CompuServe.

This is so ridiculous. Sure, Kris’ art style is less time-consuming than some others, but he’s never coasted on that. The man spends virtually every free hour he’s got making comics… and as soon as he has additional free hours, he’s just going to make even more of them. I don’t think there has ever been a less appropriate time to accuse an artist of being lazy.

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