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I Like Saying ‘Lore’ Almost As Much As Hobbes Likes Saying ‘Smock’

So Lore has been messing around with his drawing. First Lore needed a representation of Lore to interact with Lore Brand Lore; his first attempt looked like Charles Addams was idly sketching a young Pope Fester, but he got better.

Now Lore‘s engaged in the venerable cartoonist exercise of messing with eyes, and has tried out a variety of them from various webcomics, and you can play the game at home — match the webcomic to the eyes, and for bonus points, assign an emotional state. And remember the lesson of Meredith Gran: assymmetical eyes are 37% funnier than their matched counterparts.

In other news — and it’s nothing to do with anything — but advertisers really need to pay attention to the demographics of webcomics readers a bit better. I can’t think of an audience likelier to be hostile to the message of Ben Stein’s evolutionists = Nazis propaganda fest than the readers of Diesel Sweeties (I assuming that the readers of DS overlap quite a bit with the readers of xkcd and Dresden Codak), and yet there’s a 300 x 250 ad there on the front page. So on behalf of Mr Stevens, thanks for throwing away your money directly into his pocket.

PS: Smock.

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