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American Elf Just Got Elfier

A major addition to the American Elf archives just hit; let’s let James Kochalka tell us all about it:

In May 2002 I started posting my daily diary comic strip online. However, the strip actually began several years earlier than that, in October 1998. The early years were collected in book form by Top Shelf, but they were never included in the online version of American Elf … until now!

The archives at American Elf now go all the way back to October 26, 1998. The early strips are black & white, and then when I began putting them online I decided to try a 2-tone color system. However, that two-tone system very quickly expanded into a full and vibrant exploration of color. I’ve tried to use it to enhance the emotional power of the work.

But the early black & white strips have a special power of their own. Both are good, powerful in their own way. Now the readers can see the full evolution of my grand diary experiment, which is really turning into my “life’s work” it seems. The first color strip appears May 12, 2002.

The reader should note that the main American Elf archives are free, but that Kochalka has a ton of subscriber-only bonus stuffs: Bonus Elfs, and stories about Fancy Froglin. Also be sure to check out tracks by James Kochalka Superstar, and Eli Kochalka’s comic blog, Monster Attack.

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