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I Noted Her Not But I Looked On Her

¡Journalista! caught it: Courtesy of Nicholson Baker and The Grauniad, the Great Webcomics Purge of Aught-Six is now, itself, notable. Cue Alanis Morrisette:

In the autumn of 2006, groups of editors went around getting rid of articles on webcomic artists – some of the most original and articulate people on the net. One openly called it the “web-comic articles purge of 2006”. A victim, Trev-Mun, author of a comic called Ragnarok Wisdom, wrote: “I got the impression that they enjoyed this kind of thing as a kid enjoys kicking down others’ sandcastles.” Rob Balder, author of a webcomic called PartiallyClips, likened the organised deleters to book burners.

Most notable (ha, ha!) to my eye was that Baker didn’t bother to define webcomics, he just referenced them and moved on; I may not be a real journalist, but I do know that you don’t reference without defining unless you’re certain that your audience has a good chance of knowing what the hell you’re talking about. Interesting.

In other news, there are now more opportunities to get stuff in return for supporting your favorite cartoonists:

  1. Chris Baldwin
  2. Randy Milholland

Go check ’em out, and ask if maybe they could provide permalinks for their blogs in the future. Thanks.

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