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Things have been a little busy lately. Work’s good (and hectic). I joined the rollerderby (I’m learning to be a referee). I’m in an art show that opened this week in Greenfield (we had Twinkies at the reception), and I was interviewed for a local blog where we talked an awful lot about webcomics. I was actually able to keep up with the conversation, which was exciting, and the reporter and I talked an awful lot about art and commerce and economy. I had a little epiphany in the middle of it, where I realized I’d begun to let go a little bit of my dedication to print. Surprise, surprise.

But all of this is a long way of saying that I’m totally behind on my webcomics reading.

While I was poking around the web looking for something new and different to read, I ran across this page, and it absolutely cracked me up. I know the pictures are kind of old news (last updated about two years ago, I think), but I sort of love the concept. I know there are more out there; there must be legions of Scary Go Round tattoos (and if not, why not?!) and I saw a photo of a cat tattoo in a recent issue of High Maintenance Machine.

I guess my question is less about the why (I have tattoos; I understand, in some way, that piece of it) and more about what images folks might have tattooed. Any image stand out as something you’d have tattooed? Creators, does having your work inked on someone’s skin kind of freak you out and completely rock at the same time?

A couple of people have Scary Go Round tattoos that I know of. One person took a picture off my blog that I wasn’t actually particularly happy with and had that put on his arm, and a girl took the little sketch I had done in a book for her and had it put on her midriff somewhere.

There are good tattoos and bad tattoos but I think anything I draw would come under the second category. When people ask for a tattoo I hem and haw then say no because tattoo design is a different art to what I do.

As a creator, it’s both flattering and weird. Especially when you do autobio work. Two people are walking around with tattoos of one of my cats on them, and it’s a little weird.

I do not recommend QC tattoos. My art changes too much and is too crappy anyway!

However I have done non-QC tattoo art for people, and it was good fun. If I had more time it’s something I’d do more.

What’s REALLY weird is seeing people who “borrowed” the artwork for my OWN tattoos and got it scrawled across their bodies. PLAGIARISM???

I enjoyed your interview.

chris baldwin (a sort-of local)

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