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A time for Webcomics: Threat or Menace at NYCC has been set:

There’s a dizzying array of different models for delivering comics over the Web, from Webcomics, to PDFs for a fee, to ad-supported PDFs, to PDFs as promotional tool, and behind it all is the backdrop of illegal file sharing of comics. Are comics on the Web going to be a tool to increase the popularity of paper products, an alternate distribution channel that takes sales from retailers and circulation from libraries, or a threat to legitimate channels as illegal downloads grow? Hear from legacy publishers and cutting edge pioneers on this critical issue for the near future.

Two notes:

  1. Although the description above lists the session on Friday, it’s actually on Saturday at 12:00 noon, in room 1E09 (it’s correct on the PDF session grid)
  2. Big props to the organizers for fixing the name. Anybody that ever read Spider-Man knows that it’s “Threat or Menace”, not “Menace or Threat”.

Okay, going back to my planned lying in bed with a fever now. If I die, avenge my blood.

I love the descriptor. “There’s a dizzying array of comic distribution models on the web, from PDFs, to other PDFs, to special PDFs… uh, PDFs that have an even number of pages…”

I might be reading this wrong (lord knows my reading comprehension fails me more than I’d like to admit)… but “behind it all is the backdrop of illegal file sharing of comics.” and then “or a threat to legitimate channels as illegal downloads grow?”

Seems a bit… well… pointed.

I’ll go to your panel if you come to the Zuda panel :-)

“behind it all is the backdrop of illegal file sharing of comics”

WTF does this have to do with webcomics? Is this just going to be an internets=TEH EVIL panel?

[…] Good comments about Threat or Menace — keep them coming and I’ll try to address all concerns in the panel. […]

I’m pulling together a panel for San Diego on modern-day comic books. Check out the blurb:

Print Comics in the 21st Century: The Ultimate Rape Toolkit

America has loved print comics since the 1930s, but with the rise of the internet, artists and writers are now wondering whether comic books will have non-rape applications in the new century.

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