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This Is Not My Beautiful Cube…

Shane Johnson sent us a press release about his My Life In a Cube, which he updates “weeknights” (Monday to Friday, after work), and the second I saw it I knew I had to mention it here. I do actually work a job where some of the time I am in a cubicle, what with this excellent not very corporate for a corporate job gig that I have, and it’s actually…yeah, it’s my first corporate job and suddenly cubicle humor is, embarrassingly, funnier. (In my defense, I have a lot of webcomic-ey things up in the cube, including some extremely cool Teaching Baby Paranoia sketches.)

But in addition to funny (in that bleak cubicle humor kind of way), Johnson’s got this great, fluid style where the lines just seem to naturally flow. It conveys motion and and speech in a direct, immediate way, where the image is both simple and complicated. I also love that they seem to be created on whatever’s closest to hand. The site, like the comic, is simple and kind of spare–there are almost no archives and it seems very, very new, but you’d never guess it by the quality of the art and the droll humor of the comics.

Plus it’s got the best disclaimer ever: ” In no way does this actually reflect what I do at work all day. Obviously.”

I’m totally taken with it. Go have a look.

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too close to my regular life.

yes – good stuff. lightly humorous and the cartooning is amazing! thanks for point this out!

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