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Lirpa Loof

Okay, let’s see: Mr Buffer claims to have a filler, the wordy trio are playing rotational games, Mr Pixel is drawing by hand, Mr Grumptacular is celebrating 11 years, the Swedish Reprobates have run afoul of the Motion Picture Ass. of America, the Dreamcrusher is also drawing by hand, and Ryan Estrada is nowhere to be seen. Yep, April Fool’s Day.

In serious news, the Guest Strip Project launched today, which ordinarily would not be reason to add it to the blogroll over there, but it’s got a few unique things going for it. For starters, there’s a roster of immense talent associated with it (starting with today’s first strip, courtesy of Christopher Baldwin), and the fact that it’s a limited-run strip. One year, and it’s gone. Keep an eye on the store for special merchandise offers during the next year, all for the benefit of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

And mark your calendars, everybody: May 22, Wigu returns with a hard reboot.

Elsewhere, YAGC is radically changing course, Steve Troop is ending an era, Jamie Robertson’s Clan of the Cats is ending an era and changing course, and Comicmix has biiiiiig news.

I am jealous that I’m the only one without a supercool nickname.

That’s because “Ryan Estrada” is a nickname, for a workshop full of exploited children in a third-world country.

Oh yeah, I forgot.

also shows us what COULD have been!

Don’t forget Jerkcity!

Or Striptease.

The Create a Comic Project picked up support from a major political figure.

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