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Okay, did NOT see that coming. Pudú!

Should have mentioned this earlier, but I missed it: You’re a nerd (don’t deny it), which means that you a) have a deep and abiding love for Terry Pratchett, and b) have heard of his embuggerance. Shaenon Garrity wants you to step up and help reduce future embuggerances:

Through the month of April, I will be selling original daily strips from my comics Narbonic and Skin Horse for the low low price of $25. All proceeds from the sale will go to The Alzheimer’s Research Trust.

Read the rules & conditions at the link above. Speaking of art sales for good causes, check out the bargain of the year over at the Estradadome:

This summer, I’m gonna climb Mount Kilimanjaro. My sister will be there on a research project studying hyenas, so I’m gonna meet up with her, and the two of us are gonna make it to the top, or die trying. But it seems you can’t climb without a registered guide. And one of those is gonna cost us a pretty penny.

If you donate 5 bucks for me to climb Kilimanjaro, I will mail you as much original art as I can fit in an envelope. I have a whole drawer full here…. Flight pages, guest strips, fan art, custom comics…. anything I’ve posted in the last year, chances are it’s here. I’ll try and make sure you get a complete story. If you have any specific requests, I’ll do my best (you can ask if something’s available beforehand if you want it) Keep in mind that most of this is just ink on cheap copy paper, with white out all over it, and I do a lot of finishing digitally. But you send me 5 bucks (if you’re in North America), I’ll send you a stack. You send me ten, I’ll add in some random presents from Mexico (that deal goes for anywhere in the world).

Dresden Codak is sporting a website redesign, with a new sketch-a-day blog. It’s no secret that Aaron Diaz has been challenged by his goal of weekly updates (that’s some damn complex artwork he’s sportin’), so hopefully having small updates will make the wait for new installments go more smoothly.

Finally: another week, another in the nameless series of webcomics interviews from Rick Marshall, this time with the inimitable R Stevens. Enjoy the weekend!

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