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I Just Can’t Come Up With A Title To Match That Picture

Coming Monday, Paul Southworth brings us a new twist on guest strips in the form of Tales From the Ugly [Hill rejected story] Files; let’s hear what he’s got in store:

There exists a text file on my computer that contains every idea I’ve had for Ugly Hill since it started way back in 2005. Every. Single. Idea. It’s pretty darn big. A lot of those ideas get either forgotten or rejected for one reason or another, and since I’m taking next week off, I thought it might be fun to throw a little twist on the boring old “Guest Week” we’re probably all so tired of.

The guest artist [writes] a single strip around [a rejected story] concept, showing what they think would happen in that situation.

All of the slots for next week are filled, and anybody that contacts Southworth now will get relegated to Fan Art; after Southworth’s ALM guest strip, I can’t wait to see if this was enough to tempt Rënë Ëngström to cut short her UK vacation (hint: I’m guessing it wäsn’t).

In other news, Meghan Murphy writes:

The first 100 strips of Kawaii Not (the Comic for Cute Gone Bad) are now available in book from F+W Publications at Amazon and hopefully your local bookstore.

My local bookstore is sort of aggressively anti-cute, but I’ll be sure to mention it to ’em, Meghan.

The book also includes a Kawaii Manifesto, a Kawaii Horoscope, a “How Kawaii are You?” quiz… and two pages of stickers! Hooray!

Man, stickers. Definitely gonna mention it to ’em now.

As of this writing, the great print/webcomics meeting of the minds is now up to 80 comments here at Fleen, followed by 175 at TDC, meaning that just keeping up with progress on the issue has exhausted me but man there’s some good stuff there. For anybody wondering “How do I make money online”, let me refer you to the relevant chapters of HTMW, which right now are the closest thing to a Strunk & White on the topic (if only Guigar & Kellett & Kurtz & Straub weren’t so dratted unwieldy!).

Finally, nothing to do with webcomics (at least not yet), but remember Baryshnikov in White Nights, the panic when he realizes his plane is crashing in the USSR after he’d previously escaped? Well, some of us remember, and that’s exactly how I’m going to feel about flying over Indiana from now on.

I think that the hack response to that is something to do with “Swine Lake”.

Perhaps I’ll turn that into a spec script. Do you know Judd Apatow? Or perhaps Larry (installer of cable)?

…or of course, simply HOVERING over the image. Redact my last comment (except for the Judd Apatow part. I have boatload of thong gags here. Guaranteed Laff Riot!

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