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For The Record, This Is A Much Better Name Than ‘MyFridj’

You may recall Dawn Douglass from her previous mentions here at Fleen; her social network/syndicate idea is presently launching over at Inkswig, with an initial push towards electoral cartoons.

If you haven’t been following the brouhaha over at The Daily Cartoonist, it looks like a sort of uneasy détente has been reached between the various sides (and all it took was Dave Kellett metaphorically pantsing himself); it’s not quite to the point that the various opiners are gathering ’round the campfire to roast weenies and sing Kumbaya, but one can hope.

Anyway, it seems much of the early (more rancorous, less productive) discussion stemmed from a cultural divide, with editorial/gag cartoonists not having the same terminology as the (more strip-oriented) webcomics mavens. One point that seems to be close to consensus is that the editorial cartoonists are boned in the internet age.

Which may be where Inkswig actually could work; my feedback to Douglass (public and private) is that the world has pretty fundamentally changed with respect to strip ‘toons and the web, but my reading of the (to be fair, pretty minimal at present ) info at Inkswig is that gag cartoons, freelance-type cartoons, and editorial could well be the niche where this model works.

Although I have to say, Dawn — any website that mentions “Web 3.0” is going to immediately elicit chuckles from me, and not the kind you were looking for. But if your “advertise here” tag actually works, I will take it all back and promise to be your best friend. We at Fleen are nothing if not practical and mercenary in our affections.

Speaking of mercenary, Jon Rosenberg has hit a new low in product placement, but dammit, it’s working on me.

You can buy them on internet!

You forgot to link to the purchase page, Jon.

You can buy them* on the internet!

* “them” here may not refer to jon’s new pint glasses

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