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Robert’s Menace, Rich Is Threat

Okay, so I got this email in my inbox yesterday, from no less a personage than Robert Khoo … it seems that the upcoming New York Comic Con is interested in a webcomics vs. traditional comics panel, with Khoo and Rich Stevens representing webcomics:

NYCC got back to me. We’re all good for a Saturday or Sunday panel with Gary [editor’s note: Yeah, I’m a little shocked they want me, too] moderating. Someone from Tokyopop and another from DC will also be representing I believe. Their suggestion for the name of the panel is, I shit you not:


Guys, I want that to be the title so bad. Anyway, the full NYCC programming schedule will be here in the next few days, and we’ll let you know as soon as time, location, and participants are set.

In other news, ComicMix continues its webcomickers interview series with bizarre man-child Jeff Rowland; it’s about time that Rick Marshall came up with a name for these interviews, since he’s cranking them out every week.

Spotted on the shelves (and at the AV Club): Flight Explorer by the Kazu Kibuishi Crew, and Lars Brown’s North World (been waiting for that ever since Brown introduced himself to me at SDCC last summer). Spotted in my mailbox: Chris Hastings’s Dr McNinja — Surgical Strike. Reviews on all three (and How To Make Webcomics) just as soon as I can plow through ’em.

And better late than never, from Mr T:

This news is a bit old, but I was a bit sick last week. To celebrate the ninth anniversary of Fans on St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve repeated the offer we gave in our very first comic book before going digital: giving readers the opportunity to guest-star in the series. You can see the results in our ninth anniversary installment here.

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