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It Is Now Officially Spring Where I Am

All together now: Woo.

I guess Bitstrips was a hit at SXSW, and so we’ll likely see a temporary flood of interest in webcomickin’ from people who didn’t care previously. My opinion is that it’s a somewhat more feature-rich version of the late/lamented The Bench (resurrected archive here), only without the Open Source sensibilities. And it appears that even some pro-style webcomickers are putting it to … I was going to say ‘good use’, but that’s not quite right. Anyway, here’s a peek into the mind of David Willis. Be afraid.

Just so you know, Guest Strip Project countdown is at nine days and counting. More info available on the now-live GSP site, including rules (a given artist can only appear on GSP once), cast (it’s cop-a-riffic), and artist list (okay, that one’s still empty, although I’d guess that the links page is probably instructive in this regard). As with several of Michael Rouse-Deane’s previous undertakings, it’s for the benefit of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

So, anybody notice something weird on the cover of How To Make Webcomics? How about here? Looks like Kris Straub‘s been more successful in print than we thought. Curiously, Beamy doesn’t appear in the promo versions of the cover. Sneaky.

That’ll do it for today; if it’s Spring where you are, please enjoy it in the traditional manner, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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