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A Better Day Today, Thank You

Let’s get caught up, shall we?

  • The final comment on webcomics economics, from Box Brown.
  • My copy of How To Make Webcomics came yesterday; only about a third of the way through but I’ll tell you this for free — Brad Guigar‘s a genius and dreamy.
  • Don’t forget, Euro-people: The Thing kicks off this weekend in Mile End; for those of you in the Middle Atlantic states, Aaron “Latin Heartthrob” Diaz and Jeph “Un-Anagrammable” Jacques will be talking on Literature at the Margins, Friday and Saturday in Chestertown, MD.
  • Tim Demeter reports a continual out-cranking of new features for Clickwheel:

    Clickwheel’s new quarterly ‘iNKED’ Anthology is a full-length (161 frames!) downloadable comic created specifically for iPod/iPhone, though also available in PDF and CBR format for PC reading. The 2000AD download service featured on Clickwheel has graduated out of BETA and now features improved interface, CBR support as well as subscription options.

    ALL of Clickwheel’s existing content is now available as an iPod download AND a CBR download. We have also added new bookmarking tools in our improved layout. Click ‘add to my channel’ to keep track of your favorite Clickwheel comics via the ‘My Channel’ browser on the Clickwheel homepage, or for comics with movie or PDF content, click ‘add to iTunes’ on feature’s episode list page.

  • New interview up with the creators of Sketchies, courtesy of Geoffrey Golden.
  • Apparently, having an infant daughter still leaves Krishna Sadasivam with too much time on his hands; he’s rebuilt the former perma-archive of PC Weenies from the ground up using WordPress / Comicpress. You’ll find daily updates, early sketches, alternate B-side versions, director’s commentaries, toon archives and more. Much more, even.
  • And finally, Byrobot has hit the two year mark of increasingly erratic and peculiar content. How peculiar? The current series explores the life of a post-menopausal prostitute in a small Austrian village. Peculiar enough for you, Slappy?

Whoo!! I am a good start now!!! wheeeee!
but, the web address is:

Having help in the form of my mother-in-law and sister-in-law works wonders in the free-time department. :)

Yay for Box Brown! You go girl! SIgn me up for that shirt.

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