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Sad Day

About the first thing I heard this morning is that Sir Arthur C. Clarke had died, and frankly I don’t feel much like writing today. Nope, no link for Clarke — if you don’t already know who he was, you really shouldn’t be reading this blog in the first place.

But as I don’t want to leave you with nothing worthwhile to look at today, I’d like to thank Michael Rouse-Deane (for sending more teaser clips of The Guest Comic Project), Kris Straub and the US Postal Service (for the timely delivery of my Jinxlet), and all the contributors to the comments thread of yesterday’s post, for a really thoughtful and valuable discussion.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go calculate a few geostationary positions. It seems appropriate somehow.

ooh, your Jinxlet is here? I wonder when mine will come.

Oh, and RIP to Sir Arthur, obviously. I have extremely fond memories one of his short stories set so far into the future the sun was about to expire, but we were still using punch-card computers.

Also, it contained the phrase “With the advent of the personal helicopter, cities had become obsolete”, which is just gold.

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