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Things That Are Not Splat!

Timely news that we couldn’t pass up:

  • Casey & Andy returns; thanks to David Morgan-Mar for the tip.
  • Wizard (no link for them) may have aced the Cursory Conversations archives (or maybe not; David Malki ! reports from Wizard World LA that he had a conversation with a Wizard staffer that blamed a website backend conversion for the loss of many articles, and a desire to restore them in time), but the trend of interviewing webcomickers continues. Case in point: ComicMix interviews Wes Molebash on You’ll Have That, Litterbox Chronicles, and Zuda.
  • Revealed! Famous webcomic creator actually an inhuman monster from the center of the earth!
  • Both Kazu Kibuishi and Jeff Smith have scored large options (according to various reports, enough to buy my house for the option, several times more when the movies actually get made) for their work on Amulet and BONE, respectively. It couldn’t have happened to two nicer, more talented creators, and it certainly teases the possibility of other indy/webcomic properties getting similar treatment. We at Fleen are placing our bet on a Dinosaur Comics movie based on the already-pitched OH GOSH: A SERIES OF DISASTERS.


A “website backend conversion” issue, eh? I guess that would be one way to describe having your head too far up your own arse to figure out how to run a website.

Trust me, I was involved in the development of the database for both the old site and the new one – and it would pretty much be a two-hour process at best to match up the keys for each type of data and have the columns up again. Heck, I spoke with the guy who built both of the sites a few weeks ago and he said the same. Oh, and they’ve never even spoken to him about porting the data over to the new one.

Go figure.

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