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Spotted at my friendly local comics shop, How To Make Webcomics, which means my pre-ordered copy should be arriving soon. Since the Halfpixelites didn’t have any review copies to toss my way, I had to make do with a quick flip-through yesterday; noted then:

  • Immediately interesting thing #1: I noticed that each chapter is written by a different author, but the other three chime in regularly with concurring & contrasting opinions, accompanied by little cartoon heads to let you know who’s kibbitzing. Interesting way to have a primary voice to a topic while still allowing discussion.
  • Immediately interesting thing #2: rumors in the latest Webcomics Weekly podcast of a Brad Guigar centerfold (we at Fleen understand that the pre-order artist editions omit the black censor bar). Remember, ladies — he’s taken!

Spotted in my mailbox: Octopus Pie! It would be difficult to offer a comprehensive review of this book without sounding like a total suck-up, so let me point out that it’s full of the same awesome humor and art you see three times a week on the web; that it’s released under a Creative Commons license that allows artistic experimentation; there are more asymmetrical eyes (scientifically proved to be 37% funnier than the regular variety) than you can shake a stick at; and that it’s chock full of moustachy goodness on every page. No? Just my copy? Weird.

Since I can’t really be objective about this book (after all, Mer did our masthead, and has been involved in my pseudo-journalistic efforts since before I started this gig), let me just point out who did provide objective praise. The back cover features blurbs from names like Larson, Kibuishi, Allison, McCloud (“My favorite new webcomic”) and the New York Daily News. I simply can’t wait to see Mer and tell her in person how much this book was worth the wait.

Which, as it turns out, will be Saturday, as the SPLAT! symposium takes place in New York; the organizers have graciously tossed a press pass my way, and I’ll be giving y’all a rundown next week.

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