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I’m Late To This Party Too

Right, everyone who already knew about the awesomeness that is Rachel Nabors, put your hand up. (You folks can skip right to the fundraising link in the following paragraph.) She creates weekly webcomics for, where she’s been publishing for years, but has a mighty impressive list of accomplishments on her Portrait of a
Comicker bio page
(and particularly for someone who’s still fairly young). Her work’s influences are evident, but they really work; it’s sort of charming and autobiographic and very accessible. (It reminds me a little of Karen Ellis’ work as well.)

I first saw her site because of a link to her fundraising drive on Barry Deutsch’s Hereville (which I will write about at some later point). I was struck by her smart webdesign, even though the home page can be a little tricky to navigate. In addition to an impressive gallery of work, her webcomic work is funky, and quirky, and totally something I would have loved to have found as a teenager (I mean, as an adult I still love it).

(A note on that fundraising thing: go look. Holy crap.)

What I think I enjoy most is that the whole site, from the comics to the bio and back again, seems to be really infused with this creator’s personality. It’s vibrant and dynamic, and really caught my eye in a way a lot of webcomic sites don’t. (In part it might be because her site includes more than webcomics; there’s a lot of other material there, but overall it creates this fascinating portrait of a webcomicker. It’s worth your time to go through the site.)

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