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Slightly Less Than A Liter Of Awesome

Wait, what? Webcomicker Steven Cloud driving from the UK to Mongolia for charity? And I can make a donation to help? Crap in a hat, count me in!

Thanks for your donation Gary! You rock!

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No, sir. It is you who is rocking. I will be sitting at home enjoying the company of my wife and a fine single-malt, whilst you are huddling shivering inside a yurt, slowly chewing on the soles of your shoes for the meager nutritive value they provide.

At night, the ice weasels come.

Dang, you’re gonna have fun!


I can’t wait either. Your donation was fantastic and is very appreciated. Spread the word! Oh and get us something for the car, and come up with a request for us to comply with. It’s only fair.

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