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Radiohead + Pixels = 8.07MB Of Fun

You may have seen the announcement already, but it’s time to take a whirl in the Wayback Machine to the far-off past of … 2000. A young buck named Richard “Rich” Stevens III had just uploaded his very first comical strip, featuring a porn star and the robot she loves (kinda) (sometimes) (not really, because she’s too drunk and too self-absorbed).

Stevens, having now finished 1967 strips, is looking to celebrate his 2000th strip in style. So he’s giving you his archive. For free.

The link won’t go live until tomorrow, but Stevens is giving out the first 200 strips in a PDF, to be followed on subsequent Wednesdays with 200 more until he’s caught up. Given that many of his strips are impossible to print (due to wildly varying sizes and shapes, not to mention the costs of color), but that he wants you to have them in a convenient format, this is an unspeakably generous act. Seriously, I paid $10, or about 10 cents/strip for Pocket Sweeties Volume 1, which means that Mister 3 is potentially giving up $200 worth of book sales from me alone by tossing his children out on the internetty wastes.

Not only that, but the first page of the PDF contains an explicit Creative Commons license, inviting all and sundry to start remixing and up-mashing. If you think this sounds like a good deal, Stevens could use your help seeding some torrents so that all can have a clean & easy download experience; email the dude known as Clango at his site (that would be dieselsweeties, which is a dot-com) if you feel like aiding the cause.

PS: Have you donated to Cloudy’s brush with adventurous death yet?

CC is the way to go. Rock on Rich.

Nifty! With this kind of CC release, I can use DS to teach my students. That’s really awesome.

I’m … glad for the folks who find this useful, but I already have the Diesel Sweeties archive for (essentially) free. Same place it’s always been.

But then, I’m off by myself wishing R. Stevens would consider trying to print a physical-paper-type book or two, to go alongside his five million T-shirts. (J. Jacques, too, while I’m wishing.)

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