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News “U” Can Use

The WCCAs were announced on Saturday at MegaCon; the winners (in a new, more compact form) can be found here and here. Big winner this time: Girl Genius.

In other news, this page has written many times of Michael Rouse-Deane and his various projects for good causes. So when Rouse-Deane wrote to me and said, “I’m thinking of doing a webcomic that’s all guest strips,” that caught my attention. Given the caliber of talent that Rouse-Deane has been able to attract to his various pursuits, I think we’re going to see some really quality work out of what will presumably be called The Guest Strip Project, or, Ryan Estrada Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

Look for the new strip to launch on April 1st, and in the meantime, play along with the internet’s new fun-time game: Guess That Guest Artist!

Only one S needed ;)

Fixed, with our apologies.

No apologises needed :)

[…] so you know, Guest Strip Project countdown is at nine days and counting. More info available on the now-live GSP site, […]

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