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All-Weather Rider

I thought I’d offer something bite-sized this week, in the form of Rick Smith’s Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery. It’s a very new webcomic, started on 22 January of this year, but it’s updating daily, apparently. It follows the main character, Yehuda Moon, who owns a bike shop, called (yes, you guessed it) the Kickstand Cyclery.

I’m waiting to see how it develops. In part, I’m pre-disposed to like it, I think, because I get some of the references (like what a ghost bike is), and because I’m one of those folks who’s a fair-weather rider. I don’t ride in the winter, and I’ve been missing it like mad lately. It keeps snowing. There aren’t bike lanes near my house. You get the idea. Some of it’s poking fun at bike commuters, and others very much making fun of, well, …just look here.

Since the webcomic itself is so new, the storylines are all fairly nascent. We don’t know, for example, how these characters will continue to interact, how Yehuda’s commute will change (if at all), what happens come spring and everyone wants a bike…but the comic’s done by someone who enjoys biking, at the least, and is kind of right on with bike shop culture (from what I’ve seen of it).

It won’t take you long to get through the archives, but it’s worth a look. The color is snappy, the dialogue is funny, and I think it’ll go in some interesting directions.

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