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Really Needs A Picture Of Marlon With His Bullhorn

Many things today. To properly express my amazement at how many things, kindly imagine everything I’m writing is being voiced by the manic (and possibly psychotic) Marlon Fraggle.

SPLAT! A Graphic Novel Symposium, will be happening in New York in about ten days time. Registration‘s a bit steep ($125 standard, $75 for students), but the panels look hella interesting. I’m going to try to attend this one, but haven’t been able to find out if there’s a provision for press or not. If you’re interested in attending, the location isn’t anywhere on the SPLAT! website, so thanks to Dave Roman for letting me know it’s the NY Center for Independent Publishing, 20 West 44th Street.

The Cros is giving out hints of what the new Keenspot will be like:

Keenspot has announced a new system that allows Keenspot creators to retain and control 100% of the advertising revenue they generate for their sites….

“With the rise of highly-effective new ad networks and exchanges, we believe few know better than a comic’s creator about how to maximize their ad sales and target the best-paying ads to their site,” said Chris Crosby, CEO of Keenspot.

How will Keenspot as a business generate ad revenue under the new arrangement? “Keenspot recoups its costs by running in-house advertising in creators’ unsold default impressions,” said Crosby. “This set-up ensures that Keenspot doesn’t make a dime until after the comic creator has.” Keenspot will also continue generating 50% of ad revenue from some sites under the original contract, as certain creators aren’t interested in handling their own ad streams. Thus far, roughly half of Keenspot’s members have switched over to the new agreement.”

Books: Dr McNinja 2 (Electric Boogaloo!), Evil, Inc 3 (Incorporate Harder!), and Achewood VIII (I got nuthin’) all available for your early-ordering pleasure. One should note that the Achewood collection, despite its calendar range, will not feature The Great Outdoor Fight. Instead, that saga will be published in September by Dark Horse, in what one presumes would be a handsome, cofeetable-compatible format. Between GOF, Beards of Our Forefathers, the Penny Arcade books, and Colonel Sweeto, it appears that Dark Horse are carving themselves out a nice little niche in webcomicky goodness.

Latest webcomic memes:Scientology”, “E. Gary Gygax”, and “lizards hanging on your face”.

Kevin Kelly on artists supporting themselves off of 1000 True Fans; still digesting this one, but it seems solid.

Finally, it’s not too strong a statement that I’m writing this because 25 years ago Wendy and Richard Pini were self-publishing. Fast forward to about a year ago at New York Comic Con, when I was hanging around the Dumbrella booth as Richard Pini came looking for Rich Stevens to pick his brain on how online behaves versus print. Now comes the news that the Pinis are putting their entire back catalog online.

Content starts going up on the 14th, with multiple chapters going online every Friday after; how long before all the old-school self-published graphic novelists follow the Foglio/Speed McNeil/Pini model? Answers on a postcard.

Thanks for the link to Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fans. You’re correct. It is a lot to digest.

The basic message is same as what other successful web entrepreneurs have said about making a living off the net. It’s more important to have loyal, regular readers, than to have TONS of hits.

Hits may generate better ad results, but loyal readers will purchase your goods.

So take care of you regular readers.

(now, if I can just get some regular readers)

Like any Pini fan of relevance, I love Elfquest but weep for the Elric movie we had to lose to get it. Testify?

[…] Pini. (Above: sequence from the first issue of Elfquest, ©2008 Warp Graphics, Inc. Link via Gary Tyrrell, who asks the musical question, “How long before all the old-school self-published graphic […]

[…] Wendy and Richard Pini are the latest old skool comics creators to jump on the digital bus: They will be putting all of the Elfquest backlist online starting next Friday. (Via Journalista, who got it from Fleen.) […]

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