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Now With Pictures!

We mentioned the Andy Bell show in LA tonight (9 hours and counting) in yesterday’s post, but today we can point you towards what you’re missing if you don’t head over to Melrose & La Brea: photos of frickin’ awesome paintings and such. For my part, it’s a good thing I’m not in LA, because just browsing the photos has made me want to drop about three grand. I suppose I’ll have to settle for some of those vinyl toys at the bottom. Seriously, why do I want those so much? I have no explanation for this compulsion.

Mr T‘s looking for studies of various aspects of webcomics that he feels are understudied. If anybody wants to tackle #2 on the list:

Worldwide Webcomics. I know way, way too little about the pursuit of webcomics in cultures where English isn’t the dominant language.

… there’s a relatively new comic on the scene by a gent from Santiago, Chile. Is it just me, or is Warped kinda like Sugarshock as reimagined by Warren Ellis?

I know you’ve probably seen it already, but please to enjoy a nice meditation by Neil Gaiman on the value of free. Next time somebody asks how webcomics can possibly survive giving away their content, point ’em here.

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