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  • What’s more awesome than Lore Brand Comics? How about Lore Brand Video? Okay, it’s really the video implementation of Lore’s Alt-Text column at Wired, and feels more than a little bit like The Book of Ratings, but I (for one), will take it. And Lore, if you’re reading this, email me.
  • Art lovers in LA will want to mark tomorrow on their calendars, as the latest iteration of what tickles Andy Bell‘s id opens at Gallery 1988 (Melrose & La Brea, reception starts at 7:00pm; they usually have booze and snacks at these things). Some day the medication is going to kick in and we won’t get to look at this stuff anymore, so enjoy it while we got it, peoples.
  • Wizard may not think that webcomics interviews are a worthwhile game, but fortunately others disagree. ComicMix talks to the Little Gamers guys about the strip and their game. In the immortal words of ComicMix Online Managing Editor Rick Marshall, Rock the f’ on.
  • On the Zudafront, admitted webcomicker Wes Molebash created a new strip that has been accepted into the March Zudacontest. The Litterbox Chronicles is about a couple of sassy cats (Stella and Sophie by name) and plays rather less comic-booky than anything else I’ve seen on Zuda. Really, it’s the first contribution over there that I’ve seen (disclaimer: I haven’t been following every contestant every month) that would do well in an all-ages-safe type presentation for DC. If Zuda want to help develop the next generation of comics readers, they’ll need more like this.
  • Ever notice that sometimes one of the more important items goes last in these lists? Sort of a and Veronica Hamel as Joyce Davenport kind of thing. Today, the coveted Joyce Davenport slot goes to Superosity, with congratulations for nine years of basic insanity as of this past Saturday. May the brain mites that cause Chris Crosby to produce the wacky never cease their frontal lobe gnawing.

Rock the f’ on indeed.

Did you post that see-thru Jolie just for Google hits???!

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