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Primitive Art And The Worst Pun Ever

First of all, Andrew Farago’s been neatly bridging the gap (in The Chronicles of William Bazillion) between weekly updates make me wish there was more and daily updates sometimes spread creators too thin by providing several pages once a week. For a serial-type comic, having more to look at makes the story more engaging.

His sense of ridiculousness has been hurting my brain by deliciously demented turns at least since the umlaut-happy mjonks showed up (at Svalbard, in a timely reference), but especially since Nixon was introduced. When the list of clones led to a familiar TV show, then a snippet of song (and then another), I knew I was seeing something unparalleled in modern science. But when a busy week resulted in not a simple “Sorry I have to skip this update” and instead provided a five-part I CAN HAS NIKSON lolthing, I can only use the word “genius”. Best. Filler. EVAR.

In other news, it appears that Keenspot will have a little less blue after today.

And lastly, it has been remarked on this page previously, I loves me some Digger; what has not been remarked on this page previously is how much I love primitive cavestyle art. I mean, my favorite iteration of the Olympics was Lillehammer, because all the signage was done in cave-painting style (example here, on the slalom marker). Okay, also because of Dave’s Mom, but mostly the signage. In any event, Ursula Vernon is making me very happy just now.

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