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Mapping Likes And Dislikes

Nothing new on the Jess Fink front today, which is a shame because I’m short on time and need something to fill this space. So I’m going to point those of you who haven’t been reading them to Eric Burns‘s systematic commentary on everything in his webcomic trawl lists. It’s a monumental undertaking because he’s not doing 600 word reviews like I do, he’s going full-gusto and rolling dice to see which one he does next. That’s some high-quality nerdery right there.

Now the “What I read” list that Burns is dissecting brings up an interesting thought — Mr Snark has 65 webcomics on his list, I’ve got a similar amount, I figure another 65 or so new webcomics get added to the net every day (of which, maybe a few update for more that a week), all of which means there’s no way a human being can keep up with all the new webcomics that are popping up (or, sadly, even all of the new good webcomics, a much smaller number). I’ll give a quick look at just about anything that’s thrown my way, but to sit down and make an effort to read? That link has to come from somebody whose judgement I trust. There’s just not enough hours in the day otherwise.

Which, to come back to Eric’s Essay-o-Rama, is why he’s doing us a solid. We know of a half-dozen of the items on his list (which range from meh to ZOMG!!!! on his personal enthusiasm list), and by seeing how his likes/dislikes map to mine, I can apply the necessary amount of salt to any recommendations he makes in the future. In that spirit, I’m listing out some of the strips that I’ve been recently pointed towards that I’ve found good enough to prompt repeat visits. I can’t say how long any of them will hold me, and I’m not going to lay out my reasons for liking them — just consider that if you like any of the stuff I’ve reviewed positively in the past, you’ll probably like these.


Thank you kindly, sir. One of the things that always impresses me about you is how easily you ‘get it.’ No one’s going to agree with everything I do — which is one reason I don’t ‘rate’ comics for quality, but instead list them out by my enthusiasm for it. Figuring out where our tastes coincide and differ is the only way to go.

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