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With Great Drama Comes Great Responsibility

I’ve been meaning to point the three of you that haven’t seen it towards this piece on making it as a writer by John Scalzi for forever now, but I kept forgetting. At least 75% of what he writes is good advice for anybody looking to make it in a creative enterprise, and a couple points are useful for everybody, period.

Okay, enough content, how’s about a FIGHT?

  1. Randall Munroe hates grapefruit, which prompted a defense of citrus from RS3
  2. John Campbell doesn’t buy into the technological singularity, which prompted annoyance from Dresden Codak fans (although not from Latin Heartthrob Aaron Diaz)
  3. Campbell’s fellow communard Ryan Estrada, feeling left out, declared a vendetta against Eric F Myers (who is not one to let unanswered insults go by)

By this time tomorrow, the general blood feud meme will have spread to the point that no webcomicker is immune, and by the end of the week will escalate to Terror and the total destruction of Washington DC by Brad Guigar. In the end, only antipodean webcomickers will survive. Please lock your tray tables and seat backs into the full upright position, and everybody dance the apocalypso.

The apocolypto?

I thought we were supposed to be signing “Waltzing Broom Hilda”?

Dangit. Singing, even.

Or singeing, I guess. If you’re in that kind of mood.

Who do I have to offend to get included in these blood feuds? Sheesh.

You just offended me, for starters.

Christopher Wright? More like Christopher Wrong!

I was going to engage in a spirited response, but Fleen’s captcha is so impossible to figure out that instead I’m going to declare war on Gary and his mustache.

[…] feel like linking the Koala Wallop forum thread so I can basically repeat the Fleen post on this subject. Eh. Why not. Here it […]

I’m going to declare war on Gary and his mustache.

Take a number.

Take a number.

I believe I’m “2”

I already have a nemesis, Mr. Wright, but if Ursula doesn’t mind, I’ll continue to hate you in my spare time.

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