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Now That’s Just Lame. Oh, Wait, Wizard. Gotcha.

From The Dreamcrusher, news that Wizard (no link, because they’re pissing me off) has gone and dropped the entire archive of Brian Warmoth’s Cursory Conversations. A Google search shows portions of four interviews still kicking, but it’s just a matter of time before they get aged out of cache. After that, it’s the Wayback Machine, or pretend that they never existed; for bonus points, guess which approach Wizard is taking. Fleen is conferring with Warmoth to determine if he can legally provide us with copies of the interviews; if so, we will host them.

Following up on the Jess Fink story from last week, Rachel suggests in our comments section that Hot Topic is handling the issue. Fink, however, reports less progress as of last night:

I FINALLY got an email back from Hot Topic but it basically says “we are forwarding this email to someone else, thanks for saying a thing!”
While other people who are not me seem to get more substantial responses.

Make of that what you will.

In short bits:

[…] “While other people who are not me seem to get more substantial responses.” – Jess Fink (link via Gary Tyrrell) […]

So Wizard is ret-conning the existence of webcomics? Ha!

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