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Didn’t I Write This Like A Year Ago?

Multiple people wrote to me about this, but credit Carly Monardo with getting there first.

Okay, for historical context, read here and work your way forward.

For “Shmorky”, substitute “Jess Fink“. For “Todd Goldman”, substitute “Hot Topic“. For my take on the whole situation, allow me to quote Kris Straub on one of the past iterations of Wikimesses: That’s pretty goddamn weak.

For lawsuit threats, wait a week until after the story has died down, then mail them to the contacts page.

Most IP (intellectual property, for those not in the know) will gladly take on a case like this pro-bono, because if the original artist registered a copyright, it’s an easy win. It just goes to show you that you should always register your copyrights if you’re putting art on the internet.

IP LAWYERS. Forgot the word lawyers. Oh well.

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