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For your edification:

  1. From Josh Lesnick, Girly is back to updating three times a week, in a storyline that involves a ray that makes people grow sexy moustaches. As an added bonus, Josh points us to the de-hiatusing of UFO and Our Home Planet, which he notes are two of his favorites.
  2. You’ve probably seen it, but Nick Gurewitch is stepping back from regular PBF updates to pursue other endeavors. This is why God invented RSS feeds, people.
  3. This just in: Gabe, Tycho really hideous monsters, Jack Thompson proved right.
  4. Little Gamers videogame now on XBox Live; free trial until Sunday, 24 February 2008.

.. sweet.

So UFO is hosted on fleen now, is it? ;)

Also hoorah for Girly!

Fixed. Thanks.

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