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I Love Fake Holidays

I mean, there’s no mail, the banks and stock market are closed, but only some of the schools and workplaces (including mine!) are … so quick update then back to bed.

Hey, remember the bit I did last week about James Brown Guigar? Turns out he’s even harder-working than we suspected. Startin’ today, Guigar’s main strip has gone all colorificated. “But Gary”, I hear you cry. “How can you say that Guigar has become harder-working when he clearly states that the color is by Ed Ryzowski of Geek Tragedy”?

Hey, just because Guigar’s hired somebody to do the actual Turnerizing, that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park for him. The strip was designed for black and white, he has to work with Ryzowski to get the look ‘n’ feel correct, and he has to work futher ahead than he used to. No more finishing up tomorrow’s strip at 11:28 tonight if he wants color (not that we are implying in any way that Guigar, who after all has a job and a family, has ever felt the crunch of time and gotten a strip done mere minutes before deadline, oh no, no, no, no, never).

In other news, Choose Your Own Achewood™.

Nice job pointing out the deadlines Gary. I never thought of that.

Wonder if he’s got a buffer?

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